Design Driven Strategic Initiatives

"One thing’s for sure. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting. One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.” - Stephen R. Covey

Enterprise level Scalable frameworks to transform the learning cultures at its root level. These initiatives are directed towards solving the challenges or gaps in the process itself and letting the outcome be driven by the overall approach and not by quick-fixing the face-value by a makeshift arrangement.  It's a long term strategy level decision to overhaul the learning practice, it requires a commitment towards transforming the business results.  There are different facets that can drive this kind of change. For example, a COVID like pandemic has changed the way we use to work and do businesses earlier and hinting an overhaul. a merger or acquisition by or of an organisation that has lead to the need to transform the learning culture. an organisational reboot to reposition itself afresh may lead to a situation to reframe learning strategy.  a sincere CLO ready to take a plunge and uplift the game for future readiness.  ​ And there are many such watershed moments. Following three proven frameworks have got the required depth that can bring in the desired strategic impact for the organization. 

Employee Belongingness Quotient

The one single metric that consistently and universally tied to a person’s workplace commitment, motivation, and pride is a sense of belonging. EBQ help you measure it.

Design Thinking Adoption for L&D Teams 

Design Thinking has helped L&D make the most out of corporate investment by designing programs that are impactful and relevant to workplace learners. It's about putting the learner at centre by design & innovate.

Measuring the Leadership    Potential

Before routinely investing on the leadership development program, how about analysing the potential of people to be a leader? Just to ensure a better ROI. Yes, it can measured too. 

Bespoke Content Design Initiatives

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." -- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.​

Content design is at the helm of employee learning and development initiatives and unfortunately, this gets overlooked so very often that the disappointment with the results is assured. Designing the content primarily refers to the learning curve design, instructional design and visual design practices in toto. Sadly, what is being practiced in broad daylight is horribly far away from content design. Taking the subject matter and throwing it into the templates of a rapid authoring tool to get a fancy output is being called as learning content design & development practice. Thousands of dollars are being charged for this no-brainer factory job. To the max, you may get to see some sort of gamified version or scenario based learning so to say; however, they are also canned approaches being misused, i.e., adding a layer of points/badge or a narrative voice/character doesn't makes a lot of sense to the content design.   ​ We illustrate the power of bespoke learning content design to create memorable learning through instructionally sound & meaningful learning interventions. Following content design models are an outcome of our close association with the clients, who have trusted us to help solve their performance challenges.

SKIM:SWIM:DIVE Learning Design Framework

It can be challenging to encourage employees to commit to training programs. By working with realities and a framework-based approach to modern learning, you can increase retention and improve the learning experience. 

Just-A-Minute    Micro-Learning Framework

Curate bite-sized learning that  prioritise the training around workday tasks. Go beyond chunking and animations and apply a systemic approach to address specific learner challenges of dwindling attention spans and just-in-time learning. 

Repurpose Existing Learning Programs by Framework

To revamp existing learning programs to suit the changing business needs. We apply 3-layered high-impact learning methodology driven by design (Instructional + Visual) that would boost the ROI and learner engagement.

Meaningful Tech Experiences & Adoptions

Workplace tech may shape or ruin the employee learning experience; primarily, it has a lot to do with the way adoption strategies are planned.  

COVID-19 pandemic triggered the need for L&D to optimize their use of innovative technology to foster productivity during times of change and uncertainty. However, leveraging new technologies without mapping it with the learning curve / experience design may lead to an impact on the employee experience and risks negative consequences for both business and people in the long term.    Having technology enabled learning is more about providing people with greater flexibility and autonomy in how – and when – they learn. As such, learning professionals need to deep dive into the design strategies for using workplace technology in ways that enhance employees’ ability to do their jobs, while limiting the detrimental impact on wellbeing If you’re considering implementing new workplace technologies, having conversations with other business leaders is a necessary part of the process. And having an independent agency to guide you throughout the process of adoption would be a nail on the head. 

Learning Analytics and Intelligence Dashboards

Analytics and Intelligence reflected in a dashboard should help you make informed decisions, forecast, extrapolate and plan. It is not to keep a track or micro-manage the activities.  We help you make use of it to its utmost potential.  

Augmented & Virtual Reality Adoption

Key to leverage the real potential of AR & VR is to invest on its adoption strategy.  If not done well, the whole excitement may just turn into a nightmare, where learners are misguided by these fancy techs.

Managed Services for LMS & xAPI Engins

Ownerships comes with responsibility and we assist you with managing these responsibilities end-to-end. Be it migration, user support, tech support, customisations, integrations or simply the maintenance.