Have a fresh look at our logo design, inspired by Bauhaus Design Theory.  


Bauhaus was a rational, functional design aesthetic that took a form follows function, less is more approach that still resonates today.

To a great extent, it reflects our philosophy when we tend to apply the principles on our world of things, say for example, learning content design, instructional design, curriculum design, graphic design, visual design, journey/experience design, solution design and many other. 


With a focus on blurring the lines between disciplines and using Instructional design and visual design techniques in an increasingly mass-produced, industrialized learning & training world,

Our approach is characterized by a lack of ornament and a focus on clean approach that reduce forms to their essential elements

Our design often features simple geometric forms such as circles, squares, and triangles; use of bold but sparing pops of primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). One of the bedrock principles of learning design is the notion of “Truth to materials,” where materials are used in their most natural and unvarnished state. DESIGNS are accessible to a large numbers of people. 

Bauhaus aspired to the German concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, or the “total work of art” that synthesizes many art forms into one.  

After 15+ years in the learning industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share use our experience to help others. Our ramp-up process is designed to empower your L&D team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Ask us about some creative aspects of learning design and how they can be blended beautifully with contemporary technologies to raise the bar of your expectations. Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify performance gaps and development opportunities, a multidisciplinary analytics report that includes a project plan with a cost analysis, a design (instructional + visual) driven holistic solution to the problem statement and also an adoption/roll-out strategy to make the initiative a success with measurable outcomes.  Virtual Captive Team: We transform into a virtual captive team for our clients and not like an offshore vendor. So we share the combined responsibility to positively impact the business outcomes, and be an extension as your specialised team.  It's a unique business model to do away with typical outsourcing mindset/challenges. Clients get to experience a highly scalable and talented pool of resources at their disposal.  Avoid Productisation: We being a bespoke design centric organisation, try and avoid productisation of learning practices. So we will never be using a language of selling licenses / subscriptions or creating multiple categories to sell something inferior. Every organisation is different, so as their problems and expectations. Therefore there should be unique and bespoke solution to it. Pre-packaging it often leads to a confined creativity and compromised outcome.      Ditching L1-L2-L3: We don't arrive at estimates with number of screens, number of interactions, quality of graphics, seat time of the learning, etc. We just have one level of learning which is driven by the design/approach and an estimate that would justify the ROI.  Transparency: As we all know, there are no free lunches. There is always a cost that you are paying that you may not be aware of, mostly it is higher than what you have got. Cheap is new expensive! and we are not expensive! 

Virtual Captive


Bypassing the typical challenges of an offshore outsourcing model / mindset, as 'cheaper' is new 'expensive'. 

Communication Excellence

Hybrid communications framework to keep clients informed and confident, at anytime.

Ditching L1-L2-L3 Cynicism  

Creativity & Quality can't really be quantified. There should be one version of truth, i.e., the right design approach. 

Perceived Value Driven

Our 'estimates' are primarily driven by the value perceived by the client of the end product, and not the other way round. 




Talk to me about technologies, be it an LMS, LRS, LCMS, Mobile Applications or web portals and micro-sites. Technology is to make our lives easier and not the other way round. If not this, let's talk music, guitar and dogs.  

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How about discussing design, be it instructional, visual or experience designs. Solving a problem by design leads to innovation & tangible results. If not this, we can always talk about food, travel & geo-politics.   

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