What we don't do!

We are among those serious businesses who have invested in defining not just their vision, goals & USPs but also in what we don't do, religiously!



“Every step of the way, I made a point to under promise and over deliver. In the long run, that’s the only way to ensure security in any job.” says Howard Schulz CEO of Starbucks Coffee in his book Pour Your Heart Into It. “Under promising and over delivering” it is a way of work that is so much easier said than done.


The fundamental principle of quality within us is to define up-front the level of quality desired, then engineer it into the deliverables; don’t try to bolt it on afterwards. To be frank, maybe you need to pay us more (bribe) to make us do inferior work. At least, give it a try. 


We prioritize our work, as every single client is equal and commands same level of attention from our team. When someone is into prioritization of their clients, they are somewhere doing the unfair business practice and it can be your turn next time.  


We strongly believe that our clients are equipped & educated enough to drive the value of the services we are providing them. And real fun is when, they are happy to leave a tip on the table, post experiencing the pleasure of working with us.